Our Service

SnS Tex specialises in providing expert services and tailored products in garments and textiles. We have over 15 years' experience working in these industries, in which time we have established global networks allowing us to meet client needs.

No matter what quality, style or price range you require, we have sourcing capabilities in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, Bangladesh and Europe to meet any requests. When it comes to textiles and garments, you name it, we will make it!

Having this expansive network provides our clients with the confidence that in an ever-changing fashion industry we will respond dynamically and be the first to adapt to their needs.

Our Value Proposition

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In this highly volatile global economy, all organisations are faced with risk. Our value proposition is to take that risk away from our clients.

If our clients were to manage the above process directly, they would face risk at every stage:

  • the risk of sourcing a factory that you can trust
  • the risk of receiving samples that are within specifications
  • the risk of quality issues in production
  • the risk of delays in delivery

We are confident that we have the ability to extract and minimise these risks at every stage.

Our Products

When it comes to garments and textiles SnS Tex are flexible in what we are able to source. We are committed in making your ideas into a reality.

Our Awards

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